Why we started it...

I am sure you all are excited to know how and why we started Tailor Zone.


Let’s start !!! An idea of Tailor Zone was plotted last year, when one small incident happened. To give you a brief idea about me, I am Software Engineer by profession. For me a day usually starts at 8:00 AM in morning, but to end it is not always in my hand due to my busy work schedule.

It was the month of February, when I receive a CALL from my college friend who was going to get married. We have spent our college life together and so I was super excited to  join him on his wedding. On that weekend, I bought some good formal shirt and pant piece, which I was suppose to get it stitched from my tailor. During week days, it was always difficult for me to visit my Tailor, but at last, some how I manage to visit by tailor. I went to him, gave him the dress material and requested him to get it done in next 5 days as the wedding was just 1 week away. To my surprise, he refused to accept my order, as it was festival season and he was over loaded with his other orders. I tried checking with few other tailors aswell in my area, but all of them gave me the same answers. At last I was left with no other option, but to buy some ready-made formals (which of course were not the perfect fit for me). Somehow I managed it and attended my friend wedding.

After wedding, when I was back in my office, I shared this experience with my colleagues. I was to surprised to know that they all had also face such similar bad experience in past. Infact the ratio for such bad experiences for my female friends was much higher as compare to that of my male friends. But yes every one faced that awkward situation in their life.

Our this small group discussion ended up with an idea of Tailor Zone.

Founder – Jay Sonavane
Co-Founder & Brand Manager – Priyanka Brahmbhatt

About Tailor Zone

Tailor Zone is a first online tailor shop for women. We are here to help you in getting a hassle free tailoring experience right from your home. Based on our research, we have figured out some of the most common problems that every women customer faces today. 


1. Difficulty in finding perfect & professional tailor
2. No time to visit tailor shop due to busy schedule
3. False commitments from tailor & no delivery on time
4. Higher rates with poor work quality
5. At the end, not happy with the final fitting 🙁


So to address all these common problems, we have started TailorZone. Here our professional team put an extra effort to ensure that you don’t have to face these common problems.

At TailorZone, we have a professional team of designer and tailor master, who stitches all your cloths. Being experienced and professional, we ensure that all your orders are perfectly cut, stitched and verified, before it reaches up to you.

With TailorZone, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to place an order, as we bring this all at your doorstep. You have to simply book a request, schedule an appointment (on Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and our representative will come down at your place to pick-up your order. Once your order is ready, we will deliver it back to your place.

Finally once you happily receive your order, you Pay Us for our service. 🙂


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